Palm Print Capture Reference Tools

Palm Services and Analysis Team LogoThe FBI's Next Generation Identification (NGI) palm print and supplemental print (i.e., lower joints and extreme tips of the fingers) searching capabilities are now operational. Please note that the Palm Print Card (FD-884)  and the Supplemental Fingerprint and Palm Print Card FD-884a have been revised and may be ordered at no charge from the FBI by contacting the Fingerprint Supply Center at 304-625-3983 or by visiting

To increase accuracy, please review "A Practical Guide for Palm Print Capture" and / or the "Palm Print Capture" poster when capturing and submitting palm & supplemental prints to the FBI. This guide and poster can also be used as a reference tool to provide visual aid to agencies in order to show what proper palm print submissions should look like. If a poster is desired, print size dimensions can be modified via Page Setup prior to printing. For more information, please contact